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Dan Paul

Moron moiety!

Take your slanted statistics elsewhere please. They mean NOTHING. There are roughly as many guns in this country as there are people. Divide any total gun related death statistic by 310 million and thats how statistically signifigany the numbers are. 0.000206 percent

61% of all US gun deaths are from SUICIDE! This is more an incrimination of the health system in the US than of gun ownership.

The VAST MAJORITY of the remainder of gun deaths are from criminals (who will always have guns) killing the unarmed.

Maybe your leftist anti ameriican media did not cover the recent murder and beheading of a co-worker by a radicalised islamic convert in Ohio. Alton Nolen was shot by the company ceo as he tried to attack another co-worker. That ceo had a concealed carry permit and had a legal handgun.

Now Alton Nolen is in jail, very much alive and awaiting trial.

Maybe that will give you the "general idea". Armed citizens prevent crime. Cops can't get there in time.

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