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Thanks for the link Nate! I have some experience with VDI and it's plain awful in my opinion, at least outside of a very niche set of situations. I completely understand the reasoning behind it, but in reality it's just an enormous workaround for a bunch of gaping architecture flaws in a particular desktop operating system series that is widely deployed in enterprises. If you don't believe me than just read through some of the VDI deployment guides to see what is actually involved in making it all work properly.

It's a classic case of attempting (and sometimes succeeding) to create simplicity by adding vast layers of complexity.

The sad part is it often results in an inferior experience for anything outside of basic office applications. Microsoft have done some clever things with RemoteFX to help with that but it still feels like a big hack.

For those who do really want to play in the DaaS space, build a decent Terminal Services/RDS setup and leave it at that - it's far less work, provides pretty much the same user experience and is much more efficient on server/storage resources.

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