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Problem with gun comparison

Whenever there is a gun debate there is always a discussion of US vs UK because it is really easy to bugger the figures that way. Considering each state has its own varying laws on guns and certainly has very different statistics for problems it makes comparison very difficult. I am very happy to see Lewis pointing out the usual mistake of gun death vs gun involved in homicide which the anti lobby like to announce.

I do like to shoot although I am happy with air guns personally (I have used live ammo) and only for target shooting. But even this causes problems for people here in the UK when you tell them. It is often pretty easy to see who has at least seen a gun before because everyone else suddenly gets nervous and for some reason assumes you want to go homicidal. The good news is it is easy to help people understand the difference between shooting and the warzone they have in their head, just take them to a gun range and let them have a go. I managed to take some of my very anti gun relatives and now they want to come along. I think in the UK we miss out on a great education with guns but then some of the pro gun nutters I hear of in the US make me want to cry with exhaustion at their stupidity.

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