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From semi-auto to auto

This is off-topic but I'm wondering if anyone can give me some technical information:

If you take a good quality and well made semi-automatic pistol, it should be possible to make a 'carrier' for it that turns it into an 'automatic' sprayer of bullets. The standard ammunition clip could be replaced by a modified (longer/deeper) version that contains more than the standard six rounds and the pistol itself could be clamped into a carrier that looks like a rifle stock and performs the same function. The shoulder butt would contain a clockwork or battery poweed mechanism that pulled a mechanical 'finger' that hooked around the trigger of the pistol.

All the user would have to do is press a button and try to hold it on target as the 'finger' repeatedly pulled the pistol trigger. From a purely technical point of view, it seems to be an easy way of making an 'automatic' weapon out of an 'easily obtainable' pistol and does not involve any modification to the pistol itself.

Has anybody tried this? Is there any technical reason why it shouldn't be done?

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