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this article is anti-hype hype

>This "news" comes to us because a man famous for pretending to make working guns from 3D-printed plastic is selling such machinery - which does rather prove that his 3D printed plastic guns were indeed rubbish, and that you should take everything he says with a large pinch of salt.

No. Cody Wilson is trying to push the envelope of what's available. A cheaper CNC mill for crafting lower receivers here, a successful demo of a plastic gun there. I don't think his followers are specifically looking to create weak plasticky weapons they can sneak through metal detectors. They just want the ability to reproduce 3D designs that happen to be weapons, without bothering with pesky rules and regs. If 3D printing advances to be able to fully print a metal gun cheaply, DD will push that technology.

>And there you have it - by spending thousands of dollars, learning some complicated skills and doing some machining, you have obtained a functioning semi- or even, potentially, fully-automatic** weapon and you didn't have to comply with any pesky gun controls. Wow! Big stuff, eh

Backers of Ghost Gunner are getting exactly what they pay for: a cheap general-purpose CNC mill well suited to creating lower receivers. 80 percent lowers already exist on the market, so there must be some existing interest in crafting lower receivers without serial numbers. It's irrelevant whether this is cheapest or easiest way to acquire AR-15s. What's relevant is the demand. If it doesn't exist, Cody Wilson doesn't get his DD funding blitz. Somehow I don't think many backers willing to lay down $1200 are going to be confused as to what they are purchasing.

>Well that may be, the argument goes, but there's more: if the people are armed the government can't oppress them.

I don't think the point is for one person to defend their home against SWAT with one AR-15 (DD are also working on other lower receiver designs). It's for swarms of people to advance on the government with weapons. Look at how much mainland China fears dissent without guns involved. Whether that fantasy can or will need to become true is another story.

I'll agree that DD's efforts are redundant considering the already strong opposition to gun control legislation in America. This is just one more way to give the government the finger.

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