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We have a Sunray VDI solution and its errr, interesting. As you've said, its only really good for office applications, web apps and email but rubbish for much else.. On the admin side, its great to deploy hundreds of desktops from my comfy chair in the office and not have to visit remote offices for traditional desktop issues.

Re saving money, with the kit, infrastructure, storage, licencing, youre probably spending more. What you do save is in desktop hardware support and visiting remote sites, and delivering software builds.

Our VDI is based on ESXi so we implement resource caps to prevent 100% cpu. Saying that, VMWare should schedule around it. Again, in VDI, ram is king. You'll need much more ram than cpu.

Back to the article, ive always wondered what would happen if we switched on the dedup on our ZFS Storage 7000 appliances and stuck our VDI image on it. Our small scale testing shows that the base image stays in ram cache which should result in nice speedy VDI, our appliances have ssd read and write caches so the rest should be quick too.. It never went into production though.

Perhaps what these startups should think about is dedupe, high density slow spinning disk and ssd read / write cache, massive ram cache with high speed FC or 10ge iscsi if theyre thinking VDI

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