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"So why has every man and his dog rushed to the website today? Is it vaguely curious types who haven't seen anything in the news about it until today, or people saving up to 20p in bank interest by not taxing their car until it's actually overdue by one day?"

1. Never do today what you can put off doing until tomorrow.

2. Never pay today what you can put of paying until tomorrow.

3. With big fleet owners those 20ps add up. Big companies will have bean counters who can do that addition especially where takes are concerned; if you haven't noticed that you haven't been paying attention recently.

Under the old system people will have allowed a little time to allow the disk to be delivered, now they don't so all those factors come into play. Even under the old system it seems unlikely that renewals would have been distributed anywhere evenly over the month which should have been something of a warning.

I'm sure there must have been someone on the project who worked all this out & probably pointed it out or asked how to scale up for such a peak. And I'm even more sure that the reward would have been to an accusation of being negative.

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