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The magic storage formula for successful VDI? Just add SSDs

Nate Amsden

I guess

I don't get out enough perhaps because I don't believe I've ever had a conversation about VDI with any person, any company at any time. I see these new storage startups touting VDI left and right but seems the market for VDI is pretty small.

I came across this blog post a few years ago on VDI and thought it was a good read:

Also the thought of running a hundred users on a single server when any given user can lock up a full cpu core(assuming they are being limited to a single cpu core) by running something crazy on their VM seems kinda scary to me.

But perhaps for the helpdesk/service type of workloads it's fine. I've never dealt with that kind of stuff though, hell I haven't dabbled with internal IT in 12 years.

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