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Researchers bypass Redmond's EMET, again

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The other end of the problem is also important as in code quality and secure by design - and Microsoft are leading the field in that - a massive reduction in number of vulnerabilities in the last decade - and Microsoft now have much lower vulnerability counts versus all of the following direct competitors such as OS-X and enterprise Linux flavours in the OS space, Chrome versus IE in the browser space, Oracle and MySQL versus MS SQL in the database space, .Net versus Java in the CLR space, IIS versus Apache in the Webserver space, Windows Phone versus Blackberry, Android and IOS in the mobile space, etc, etc.

Microsoft's IIS recently become the most popular webserver by market share - largely because it has a consistent record for a good number of years now of much less likely to be successfully remotely hacked than most competing options.

Yawn. Lots of assertions, no facts (drew a line through it so I'm not giving it credence by repeating it). Recycle..

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