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> Me, when I notice it's the first day of the month and suddenly think "Shit! I haven't taxed the bloody car yet"

And I bet the only reason why you noticed was seeing the tax disc on the windscreen (by seeing, I mean you only needed to glance at the back of the tax disc holder to be reminded of the car tax...) I foresee a lot of people will be getting fined for late payment because there is no longer a visual reminder on the windscreen.

Not having to tax my car this month I don't know if DVLC are still issuing "tax discs". When I taxed my car from 1st-Sept, DVLC had run out of official tax discs and printed (inkjet) tax disc on a letter explaining that I could cut out this facsimile and display it in my tax disc holder until 1-Oct.

Hence I see no reason why DVLC can't as part of their online receipt, provide a "tax disc" that can be printed off and used as an aide mémoire.

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