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DVLA website GOES TITSUP on day paper car tax discs retire

Lee D Silver badge

Had the reminder through LAST WEEK.

Renewed... LAST WEEK.

Pressed the buttons, typed in the card, done. No problems.

They obviously can't scale but NOTHING works on day one. Even Steam haven't managed to stay up through the first days of their big sales after many years of trying and substantial cloud-backed wallop on everything they touch.

Reminds me of the tax-deadline when online filing came in. Everyone tried to do it on the last day. Don't. Do it before that. Your teacher wouldn't have accepted the excuse back in school.

That said, technology fail - if you're going to move government services, they have to work. Whatever. Or at least go to a page with a phone number where you can have a human do it for you. You do NOT want to get in the situation where people can't legally drive because you can't take their money.

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