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A defence of DVLA

- You are the DVLA CIO...

- You are pretty sure about the normal loads that your car tax website will get in normal periods throughout the year, as you have been running the old website for a while.

- You have a fixed budget.

- Your 'customers' HAVE to use your service to tax their car on pain of fines etc.

- You have a change to the service which in theory means the only difference for the average punter is they don't get to change the paper disc displayed in their window. However, you expect this is going to mean a rush on 1st October - but you don't really know how bad its going to be.

- You have a fixed budget.

- Building temporary load balancing capacity in for the beginning of the month will cost extra. You don't know how much extra you will need and for how long, as this is well outside normal operations.

- You have a fixed budget.

Given this, trading a bit of 'customer' pain and a brief moment of bad publicity for a cash saving on the load balancing and temporary capacity doesn't seem that bad an approach from their point of view.

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