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I think in the first instance, and maybe the second as well, he meant the latter ("Protocol-Independent Multicast"), because he was talking about the link between the BB and other devices with which the BB is to share various kinds of information. (Or else referring to a type of message by the name of the protocol by which it is transmitted? Like using "SMS" to refer to text messages?) But then in the third instance (and maybe the second as well!) he changed meanings, and did indeed mean the former ("Personal Information Manager"), as you suggest.

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who found this confusing. I bitched about this ambiguity and apparent equivocation in a post that — pending moderator approval — will appear below (under the title "PIM").


P.S. Regardless of what was meant in each instance, and whether Orlowski used the right definition of "PIM" or not, how can that possibly be a "Wikipedia fail[ure]"??? His article had nothing to do with Wikipedia, and Wikipedia had nothing to do with his article! Wikipedia was not the source of his definition of "PIM", nor was it identified as such.

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