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How to help us old farts: Make CD ripping better

I'm of the 'buy CDs and rip them' tribe, and as I'm an old fart, a lot of my music is obscure recordings of various classical music performances.

The two things which drive me nuts are:

a) Entering the track details so they are how I want them. The free databases which do a good job when it's the latest Madge album tend to be hugely hit-and-miss (more miss than hit) as they rely mainly on submissions by other listeners, most of whom either haven't the faintest idea how to use the generally confusing tagging systems, most of whom don't want to spend hours trying to enter sometimes very unusual foreign names and words correctly. So I might end up spending 15 minutes of my life typing it all in from scratch. Occasionally I give up and just end up with Track1...Track34 etc., which no doubt gets sucked back into the internet and gives someone else a bad day.

b) Finding good quality album art so that it looks nice on my 300+dpi smartphone. The older the recording, the lower the chance of there being any image out there that isn't a 20th generation copy of a crappy CD cover photo snapped by someone who wanted to sell something on ebay. This is a problem not just for classical music, but even popular stuff that was out just a few years ago.

Neither of these problems existed before the advent of copying your music to listen to on-the-go. And both these problems go away with streaming, largely because you're not allowed to fiddle with things - you just have to make do with the lack of choice and accept the information they provide.

I wish there was a solution to these problems. Any ideas?

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