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How the FLAC do I tell MP3s from lossless audio?



Yep - totally Trolling. I'd thought the 'Volume to 11' might have given that away...

Look there are so many *points of loss* from music source format (meaning file/record/CD) in modern HIFI to your ears and our ability to perceive the sound (including your age/occupation) that I have pretty much given up fretting over the fidelity of what I'm listening to. If you want to listen to music without any loss of quality, learn to play an instrument - better use of time than sitting in a darkened room with £££££'s of Audio kit worrying about whether you should have encoded that 1930's MP3 recording at 128K or 160 or should have gone lossless.

If you have it in digital format it's already lost data. If it's non-digital then it is degrading over time and use.

So learn to play an instrument.

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