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A few years ago I had a Deezer account linked to my phone subscription. It was great for reliving my childhood by downloading lots of tracks from the '80s to my phone (live streaming was, back then, very dodgy as 3G hadn't made it out to the country yet).

But there was a problem. Numerous songs were "remastered" versions. And I don't mean remastered like somebody ripped them from the analogue tape at an insanely high bitrate and converted them into something that sounded great, I mean remastered as in altering the tempo and mixing it to sound great on cheap crap earlugs (and horrible on anything else) and in one case overlaying an incessant drum beat.

I don't want to hear a 2008 mix of a song I liked I want to hear the one that was released in 1982.

I am also in to listening to Japanese songs. From animé themes to more traditional music. The choice is rather limited.

And then, I changed contracts and the streaming service finished. All the music, the entire playlist, gone. In the end, only memories. Just like I had before...

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