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Maybe I should have made my post a bit more clear, I rip the CD to digital format so there is no inconvenience (Except the small task of ripping in the first place).

This mastered for itunes stuff. Why should we even need a mastered for itunes. They are basically saying we know our format isnt as good so we remaster the music to make up for it lol. this isnt FM radio or vinyl, they should be offering the music in a format that doesn't need remastering. It wouldn't be that hard for them to do that. Apple have their own lossless format, ALAC, why dont they have that as an option? If companies such as Beatport can offer uncompressed files then Apple really should be able to.

I agree there is sometimes very little difference between the CD and the itunes version but other times, depending on the music there is a clear difference. So to me why take that chance when you can get the CD and know that its the un-fiddled version? Especially as used CDs are going so cheap, quite often cheaper than buying from itunes. If I really like the album then waiting one or two days for it to be delivered is no problem.

Im looking forward to seeing what Pono Music come out with. They are aiming to sell original studio masters in the original sample rate and bit depth. I have tried some of this so called "hires" music from HDTracks etc. To me the difference between that and a CD is even more negligible but its all interesting stuff.

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