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@AC bull*it . Nobody is asking you to keep putting CDs in, you can rip them to FLAC if you want to, and only keep physical record in a locked archive. The point being, there is nothing "modern" about streaming and I assume you are either very young or very old and thus memory not serving you well. Anyway, go and lookup "Real Player".

I can keep on microSD a lot of music in a lossless format I ripped form my own CDs myself, and I can play from portable device with proper DAC, amplifier and sound quality a class or two above ipod or a phone (see IHIFI 960, AK100, iBasso DX90 etc.). But of course, I also have proper headphones not some branded crap with "b" on side. Does that mean I do not use streaming? I actually do, to find something new and interesting. And that does not happen very often at all, because "you may like too" algorithms are awfully limited and programmers who wrote them do not understand that someone may enjoy baroque, modern classical, different flavours of rock and few other kinds of music, depending on mood and other factors.

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