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I do not agree at ALL. The idea of a search engine is to return SEARCHES, not be a "back patter" and reinforce your ego by telling you that the world works according to your personal bias. A "search engine" that isn't returning OBJECTIVE searches and allowing you, the user, to decide what to view or not to view is, therefore and essentially, censoring the world for your comfort.

It is like trying to pick up a encyclopaedia but instead getting fully interviewed by the librarian to see if you qualify for this version. If you don't, you get a version that suits your tastes with no access possible to any other version. The English Protestant encyclopadedia holds no descriptions for words with foreign etymology; the French version holds no references for English-derived objects; the Chinese version holds no history for actions or items with Japanese origin, etc.etc. etc.

It's a completely bullsh#t theory. When a government decides what you can or can't view, you get your knickers in a knot; when a company does it, you give them an upvote and a "Thank you!". You've applied, and allowed to be applied to yourself, a double-standard and you're cheering them on. You've become so enamored with your tech, and its suppliers, that you are willing to kowtow to their decisions without a single thought.

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