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Mmmm. Messrs Nyquist and Shannon might have a bit to say about this.

I'm sure you feel such a big boy quoting those names. Pity that it doesn't automatically make you right or knowledgeable, indeed it simply shows that you missed their central tenet. Encode a 100kHz signal at 44.1kHz and then regnerate the wave from the sampled data. That 100kHz signal is not present in the output. If it hasn't been lost then where has it gone. That is the whole point of Shannon-Nyquist - the sampling frequency determines the maximum frequency that can be sampled.

From there you get to events that occur faster than the sampling frequency can't be captured which remains true however those samples are captured - I see another poster is bringing in whether the samples are instaneous readouts or integrations which is an utter irrelevance - the principle holds regardless of the sampling methodology.

The article states that events that happen faster than the sampling frequency can't be represented. That is true. So again, precisely what is wrong with that quoted text?

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