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Not strictly true also I'm afraid.

Google show map data from Google Maps when you search for a map on Google. The 'EU claimants' you should should show map data from a selection of other sites (how they will all synchronise their APIs I don't know). So that when you search for map content you don't always see Google's data (even though they have no control over the quality of the thrid party mapping data!).

With Google news, they din't set up a Google Newspaper (very easy to do as most news is just reporting on someone elses new story or taken from a subscription to a news agency). Instead they show an link to thousands of different and random news outlets around the world. Try it go to Google News.

There is a tiny single sentence sub header as well. So Google aren't showing their own service they are actively promoting everyone else and giving massive publicity for people to follow that newspaper and click on that topic to read about it (If anyone doesn't like it they can block Google in a couple of minutes).

So they are doing it both ways and neither is appreciated and has complaints.

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