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"It is pretty obvious that a population free to search for many points of view on a subject and perform objective research on world events rather than relying on the shit you publish goes against your interests."

The only problem is that, thanks to Google, people can't perform an "objective search". If you are accepting Google cookies then your future search results are biased using your past search result viewing habits; if you visit mostly right wing-biased media sites Google will bias its results to give you more of the same. If you are left wing-biased, the same goes for you, too.

So, between Rupert's pablum and Google's auto-search bias the world has become a giant self-feedback loop: people only see what they WANT to see and do not experience much outside the bubble of their own design.

Yet another reason that (a) Google has become dangerous to general freedoms as their business practices have wide repercussions and, (b) you shouldn't really be accepting Google cookies in the first place, if you know what's good for you.

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