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"The sad reality is though, there is no free-market, and in the next major economic downturn, "free-market" principles will get the blame - rather than the interference by politicians and their lackies, not least for magicking swathes of money out of thin air, whilst attempting to arrogantly and benevolently conduct the needs and desires of humanity like some grand orchestra."

The sadder reality is that people pretend to live on islands when they really don't. As a result, individual choices have a greater effect even if we're unable to see it. Consider someone who buys himself drunk on booze, gets a hangover, and can't come to work the next morning. Which then leaves the boss scrambling to fill in a work gap because today's an inspection day or some other critical day, which can have significant effect on the rest of the boss's business, which can have ripple effects down the line and so on. And all because of one man's inconsiderate decision.

So you see, we can't help but micromanage because of the potential for snowball effects. Unless you're trying to say that we're caught in a no-win situation: being forced to manage an inherently unmanageable situation. In which case, what's the bloody point of society if we can't reduce these catastrophic externalities?

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