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iPlayer blocking tor relays?

We've recently started getting an error on the BBC iPlayer saying that we can't watch because we're outside the UK. However, our IP address from Virgin resolves to the correct location (Bristol) on every geolocation service I can find, and it's clearly a Virgin owned and registered IP.

Every device and browser in our house has the same problem (although radio works fine, and I get the UK version of the BBC site).

I've contacted the BBC, and got a stock response saying they'd look into it, but there's been no change for a week now.

The only thing that's changed, is that I've started running a Tor relay node not long before we got blocked. I've double and triple checked that it's set up correctly as a relay, not an exit (ExitPolicy reject *:*), so all it's doing is passing traffic, not allowing people to watch iPlayer from outside the UK (I can understand why we'd get banned for that).

Has anyone else had a similar problem? Googling only reveals a thread on the tor mailing list with a couple of other people having the same issue.

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