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Whether an iPhone is a status symbol or not may be location dependent.

I live in the States (although I travel internationally regularly) and an iPhone here is just another phone. The cost of smartphones is mostly still hidden by 2 year Operator contracts so the 'out the door' cost is not much of a factor in decision-making once you leave the very low end (free-phone) market.

Note also that UK buyers are saddled with a lot more tax and supply chain hassle that pushes up pricing. If an iPhone 6 is really the 1000 GBP posters here are quoting that is well above the 398-520 GBP (approximately) US-equivalent price.

($650-$850, 16GB-128GB, unsubsidized US price * 0.611 GBP/$ exchange rate)

That may explain a lot of the cross-pond angst if the 1000 GBP price for iPhone 6 is actually true.

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