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Apple slaps a passcode lock on iOS 8 devices, but cops can still inhale your iCloud

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not here, not unless the cops really want to lose a very expensive 4th (and 5th) Amendment lawsuit. (Illegal search & seizure, that's 4th. Protection from self-incrimination, that's 5th.) No, I can't stop them violating the 4th by doing illegal sweeps and decrypting everything they find. I _can_ make 'em work for it, and, unlike in Blighty, they _can't_ force me to give up the passcode except in certain very limited circumstances, such as, oh, going through customs. And even then, what they can look for and how much time they can spend looking for it is limited. The cops (especially the customs and immigration cops) _can_ seize lots and lots of stuff, but then they have to figure out how to open it themselves. I do _not_ have to co-operate.

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