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Having a Windows work phone makes you realise how many apps are missing.

I appreciate for your usecase, you might have all the apps covered, but many are still missing with no plans for them going there.

Official Youtube app? (You don't watch any youtube?)

Many countries train apps - netherlands for example are ios/android only.

Strava for cycling/running.

google keep. ( still miss notesync)

google authenticator for anyone that uses gmail and wants 2 factor auth.

most new games...gave it to my kids to have a look at, they'd rather a 100 quid android device than the 1025 or 9xx lumia...

multi platform password apps like msecure and 1password

Credit card and banking apps, santander/lloyds, amex etc.

multi platform to-do lists, ala wunderlist.

music apps like 8track/sonos...

As a phone, it's not too bad, as a smart still lacks the apps.

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