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500mhz CPUs and "internet of things"

Why 500mhz CPU? Because the 133mhz CPU was not fast enough even when the LJ 1320 was new; almost the first Google result is a review complaining how the printer just sits there whenever any complex or graphics-intensive page is sent to it, because the CPU is not fast enough to keep up with the print engine. Making the printer driver do all the work and send bands to the printer, you don't need a fast CPU, the computer's drawn everything out; using Postscript or PCL, the printer does almost all the work and you do.

Internet of Things -- I made sure to turn this "Print from wherever!!!" stuff off on the HPs I've admined. This would tunnel out to some HP web site, which I think would let you print by just knowing the printer serial number -- which I assume are issued consecutively. There didn't appear to be any way to require a password. I find it most troubling that many companies are now taking products that were meant to either run standalone, or on a LAN, and just giving them methods to bust out of a NAT and be fully online. I would venture quite a bit of these devices firmware *originally* assumed direct connection via USB or parallel port (or no connection whatsoever depending on the device), then use on a (assumed non-hostile) LAN, and so are not hardened in any way whatsoever.

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