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If you have a 'business relationship', it's ok

I started getting spam for 'baby things' = disposable nappies, prams, etc., to a unique email address that I'd set up for communication with a retailer that I'd bought my old laptop from some years previously. A quick 'Google' told me that the laptop supplier was apparently no longer in existence but the 'baby things' retailer was operating out of the same retail park (= shabby industrial estate). I assume the laptop supplier had sold or handed over their customer email address collection as some kind of business asset.

A similar thing can happen to your eBay email address if you buy anything from someone on eBay, though that has been gratifyingly rare in my experience. A few times, after an eBay purchase, I did get phishing spam to the unique address which I use for Paypal (along with spam for cheap Ugg boots). That's because the idiots at Paypal give your registered Paypal e-mail address to anyone you use Paypal to make payment to.

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