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" i wonder how much of that reported loss is down to historic events that they're paying down or writing off?"

You have it in one here -- most of that loss was related to some obscure accounting voodoo around "goodwill" relating to the purchase of Sony Ericsson, rather than being a pure operating loss. Something that has been completely ignored in this doom-mongering article.

Sony are here to stay, and are producing excellent products with the new Z3 Compact occupying a niche that puts the iPhone 6 to shame with a huge battery life, much smaller dimensions for similar scree and waterproofing and half the price. Yet I hear little in the press, where the reality distortion field maintained with all those brown envelopes in the back pocket and free wining and dining (though given El reg keeps moaning about not being invited to such affairs, I wonder why they are even complicit on giving coverage to the reality distortion field at all?)

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