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The tile layout helps her find stuff quickly she says, the bright colours and geometric patterns remain stable as she scans the screen*. - Android icon and (names) move around when she tries to read them she tells me - which is classic dyslexia.

And yes, I've heard of product placement (I presume the down votes were because people thought I wasn't?) what I was trying to indicate (without writing an essay) was that, as a father of an easily impressionable teen, seeing other teens (on a TV show) using Nokia Lumias sets their little minds a whirling with possibilities...

I presume Nokia/Microsoft got their product placement for exactly this reason.

And at the Uni where I work, I see more students with Android devices (I lecture on a tech heavy degree course) than anything else, but since the start of term I've notice more Microsoft/Nokia handsets than Apple ones for the first time.

Purely anecdotal observation of course - but I find it interesting - if anything it's nice just to water down the Apple v Android flamings a little bit.

* It took us forever to find a laptop where the keyboard didn't move around when she tried to type on it - all to do with spacing of keys relative to the size and shape of the typeface on the keys it turned out.

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