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@QXL I'll be interested to hear your comments after using the software on that phone which matches the specs of your iPhone. Hardware specs are very easy to replicate and improve upon but user experience is a whole other ballgame, and the reason Nokia used to be king of phones in the feature phone times. Many of us fell for the specs of competing models and regretted that we had to spend a whole year with a POS phone that had great hardware but couldn't use it. For instance, my Samsung D900 could take 1GB SD cards, yet their software only allowed me to play a maximum 20 MP3 files in total spread over a maximum 4 playlists.

That's not the only example of my poor purchasing decisions with phones so these days I'm much more careful about jumping ship. Luckily work have given me Android and Windows phones so I haven't needed to use my money to realise what I prefer for a while.

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