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I think I missed a point...

But I thought I already had a ID number that NHS uses?

Anyone lacking a National Insurance number? Is it missing from any medical notes?

Why do we need another?

Wife's a nurse.

Doctors tend to shirk responsibilities and pass the buck an awful lot. In any other career a lot of these "professionals" would be facing disaplinaries or the sack for gross misconduct. Since there is a culture of protecting the doctors they don't seen to get any comeback.

There are a few doctors that are respectful, but it is sad that these doctors are notable for being the exception. By respectful I mean not elbowing others off a phone (my wife was informing a family that their grandmother died), snatching equipment while in use (nurse was treating a patient, F1 wanted to answer her leads question), consultant publicly belittling a HCA for calling him in (patient crashed later that night)... etc.

Something is wrong with the current culture of the NHS.

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