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iPhone 6: The final straw for Android makers eaten alive by the data parasite?


Google basically played for short term games while Apple is playing chess and going to win in the long term. In the beginning, Google realized that they needed to create a mobile path - Apple could dump them at anytime, Nokia didn't like them and obviously MS was not going to choose them. BBm was neutral but BBM users weere not huge internet surfers. And of course, they built a business of giving the OS (in search) and making money on ad clicks - so of course, android followed their game plan. Google's main mistake was pissing off Apple - first by copying too closely and then not agreeing to update MAPS with Siri so while they made short terms gains like with MAPS, now 3 years later, they are down to 33% market share on iphones (and will continue to drop), Apple no longer has to pay Google for map searches and now safari has added other search choices, google searches will continue to drop across all apple devices. So whiel Apple creates not only world class hardware design but the only integrated softwareOShardware phone (and 64bit), Android is further splintering apart. As Google has no official presence in China, no google search on android phones sold by makers there and no google store. Amazon has their own android also ... as you note, samsungs slumping smartphone profits are dropping plus the fact no other android manu is making money, it's a breakeven business - of course, gaining maretshare is important if there was no APPLE ... Apple will continue to take 80-85% of ALL THE PROFITS in the smartphone segment so they do not care about overall marketshare. Android's main growth in developing countries - does that actually help or hurt google?

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