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Bjarne Stroustrup's haircut!

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

Re: Ballmer 0, Stroustrup 3 (HT)

Got it in one, my son.

If Bjarne could only hook up with John Le Carre's eyebrows, now that would be special. Super Bond Villain. He could just sit there and stroke a laptop or something for extra psycho effect.

Muttering under his breath: 'Compile my lovely! Compile!'.

(If you haven't seen John Le Carre's eyebrows, you owe it to yourself to google search now.)

Same league.

Ballmer 0, Stroustrup 3 (HT) - Pitch invasion by Le Carre who is also naked and streaking, just to show off his eyebrows a bit more. Even Stroustrup doesn't want to tackle him, Brian.

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