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Open source FTW

Have just spent the best part of 2 hours writing to my local commissioning group imploring them to adopt open-source first attitude. Two clicks later and here I am!

We have a large number of crap websites dotted all over the place on various platforms. All could be much better delivered on WordPress and we could actually become moderately competent on just one platform. Even NHS England uses WordPress for their site...see what happens

Regarding "the ridiculous power" of doctors, you would like to sit in my chair for a day.

If you were a mechanic and had to listen to someones batshit idea regarding how their car works on positive crystals rather than diesel, you might start to get self important too.

A common example is obesity. While many have come to terms with the idea that they eat and drink too much, many more are absolutely shocked at the suggestion that these are related factors.

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