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iPhone 6: The final straw for Android makers eaten alive by the data parasite?

Jonathon Green
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I seem to have voted with my wallet on this one.

I *did* have a very nice, very shiny (well, it was at the time I bought it...) Samsung Galaxy S2, and when that got stolen the obvious thing to replace it was the current equivalent from the Samsung Galaxy range.

What actually happened was that I looked at the price, gulped, took a long hard look at what I actually do with my phone, and ended up buying a generic "landfill" Android handset (ONN Only K7) from Chinavasion which has a bare-bones, bloatware free, vanilla Android image, runs the apps I actually use pretty well the same way the S2 did, has a large enough and good enough display, is well enough put together and looks nice enough not to be embarrassing, and cost me 35 quid...

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