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Why buy a $700 Apple device when a $100 android version will do 105% the same?

Fixed that for you.

Honestly. The only thing iPhones can do that Android can't is connect to iTunes and iCloud, neither of which we need because there are other stores and clouds we can use. There are, however, things Android can do that iPhones can't. We can customize our phones for a start. All you can do on iOS is change the wallpaper. We can also do things like install Linux to get access to the full range of Linux ARM software on our phones or install terminal emulators (which, surprisingly, I've found to be very useful).

Yeah, it's geeky as hell, but let's be honest: who but a geek is really going to fully explore the capabilities on any smartphone? Normal people stop at installing apps and browsing the web, regardless of the platform. For those things one smartphone OS is as good as another.

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