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Shallow analysis?

I enjoy Mr. Orlowski's analyses most of the time, but cannot agree with this on the whole.

For one thing, I like the old bricks, never had a clamshell, the only reason I switched from the brick was not being able to use the broken USB port for charging.

... but bought a new charging cradle, it lives, albeit limited to camera, IRDA port (still important here), and easily accessible SD card.

Sure, Google is a data parasite, I don't like them, but if you have an Android phone, nobody is forcing you to log into all of their services or to turn geolocation on and then use their maps.

I never do.

It irritates me no end that if you click on any program or upgrade to download, you are automatically thrown to the google shop. Why can't I download my upgrade for Opera mini from Opera's site, etc.? Opera sure isn't 'spyware is us!'

That might be a carrier or local manufacturer thing, would appreciate comment on that from any fellow reg. commentard.

It's a great shame that nothing much but android and iOS is available for touch-screen phones, windows 8 models, blackberry remnant aside. Nice if webOS was still on phones, nice if our micro-iTron had a souped-up version for touch-screen phones (companies were pushing touch-screen dev kits for micro-iTron well before the Jesus phone, only they required a stylus). Bricks and clamshells here are micro-iTron, many Android devices also have a micro-iTron segment. Mine does.

Apple of now is a rapacious company, like Google and Microsoft a US national champion, and their top people can visit the president and get whatever they want.

Apple is also so associated with a certain type of poseur that I will never buy one of their products, was tempted by the mini when it was still powerPC, the nano with a decent camera (or not, never tried it), the pod Touch because they are dirt-cheap second-hand, but then you have to sign up to their shop to run anything on it.

No thank you.

Mr. Orlowski, a meandering piece from you, I am surprised.

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