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There will always be a requirement to have a 'premium, top-end' Android device, and claiming this comes from Samsung doesn't cut it for me. I've never picked up a single Samsung mobile device - be it phone or tablet - and been as impressed by the build quality as i am by the build of an iPhone, my own Xperia Z1 (which I adore) or the HTC One M8. Samsung sell well because of the range of devices, and the more pragmatic approach to encrypted bootloaders etc. Surely there has to be some money to be made here?

Sony are currently going down the incremental update route that has fared so well with the iPhone... the Xperia Z to the Z1 was a big leap. Z1 to Z2 and subsequently Z2 to Z3 are much smaller steps. Now they have a working formula, they can carry on with incremental updates. i wonder how much of that reported loss is down to historic events that they're paying down or writing off?

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