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It does seem that being a senior hospital medic comes with a sense of entitlement - that the work they've put in to get the position means they have a free pass to ignore all the rules that apply to the paeons. The biggest objections to the swipe card access system at our local hospital came from the consultants because their actual arrival and departure times would become traceable. No other members of hospital staff expect a certain amount of flexibility in their working day to accommodate their private patients. Or to avoid working at weekends (except, perhaps, being technically "on call").

And a surprising amount of that continuous training and learning is paid for by medical equipment suppliers and takes place at plush hotels with all expenses paid for.

Doctors may not be lazy, but they like their perks and they've been a powerful impediment to change over the years. It's even taken them an inordinately long time to accept the premise of "evidence-based" treatment.

Whatever their talents, effectively managing health-care provision is not one of them and they'd actually be much better employed on the golf course than in clinical management where they're all too status-conscious and susceptible to generous hospitality (which, to return to our sheep, they're not likely to get from Open Source solutions).

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