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even microseconds are too large.

More like nano seconds.

FWIW the access time of the best DRAM is still in the 60ns range - and hasn't really changed for 20 years. Other ram technologies have far lower latency (ZRAM is 2-4ns for example) but cost more or aren't yet commercially viable.(*)

_worst_ case latency of PCIe 1.0 is 21ns, PCIe 2.0 is usually less than 10ns

NAND read latency is variable, but even 70us would be inordinately long.

(*) HP has been sampling memristors for a while. At 5-10ns latency I'd take 2Gb DIMMS _NOW_, given how much they'd speed up computational work needed here (the processors spend more time waiting for memory than they do crunching)

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