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> 3D graphics, i.e. representations of 3D space on a 2D screen, or what 3D TV and cinema do, which is trick your eyes into seeing actual depth?

Either way, if the use-case is business graphics, I'm not sure adding lots of phone-screens into the mix is going to start a revolution. Ditto tablets. Sadly, I fear a web-based candy-crush embedded in a facebook page is where this is going.

Ok, it isn't all doom and gloom, if it makes for better web-apps in general then it will be a good thing. The main thing is that it enables better platform independence. I just think it will be useful on the desktop before the phone.

I'd forgotten about VRML - very cool in the day but before its time on the hardware front - too slow to have even a trivial use-case. In this case though, candy-crush can drive dev familiarity and hopefully it will trickle into things which are useful.

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