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the nice thing about Android is that I can "fiddlarse about" if I so choose, but it's not a requirement (unless you have a shitty handset - but even then, it's just a case of finding out how to remove all the shit that Samsung have preloaded it with).

Problem is, I'd assume 99% of Android handset users don't care about removing the Samsung bloatware. They get the experience that's handed to them and that sucks. Having the choice to change it requires knowledge most of joe blogg Android handset users don't have. Even if they have the whole internet to them, they just want to experience it from the box.

That's why Apple have retained the trend of selling phones by the bucket load after launch, after launch. The experience isn't unfamiliar from one iteration of iOS to the next. Android takes the hardcore change + allow manufacturer customisation approach. Something that never ends well with users.

My other main point is that apps suck under the Android tree. Too fragmented and the experience is different from one app to the next. That's the main complaint from many of my geeky friends who wanted to make the freedom from iOS. They're now coming back after the iPhone 6 release.

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