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I have the 32GB Transformer Book which has the same "problem" - but given that it (and the Surface RT) is priced at or less than 16GB models of various IOS and Android 10" tablets, it doesn't seem unreasonable. At least they have upped the minimum memory available, and put it out at the base price. And the microSD that adds up to 128GB. The biggest problem with Samsung phones (with the exception of the Note) is that it's often hard to find anything other than the 16GB model available - not sure if that's the fault of Samsung or the carriers.

People can delete the U2 etc music, can't they? If so, it's not an issue of space anyway, though I would consider it commercial spam (if someone wants music free, they can get it the same way everyone else gets it for free...) If they can't delete it, that's just plain ridiculous anyway.

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