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Find me a 6TB solid state drive

I'm not sure there's a future for 15K spinning drives, or even 10K ones in a SAN.

But I'm sure that until we can get SSD with the capacity and reliability of 4TB or soon to be 6TB spinning drives at a similar cost/GB, there's a future for the rusty stuff.

Dell's Compellent has gone in this direction with SLC and MLC - using each for write-intensive and read-intensive data, which lowers the overall SSD cost by leevraging the strengths of each type. TLC isn't there yet on its wear rate and Dell still allows a spinning tier of big fat drives for resting data. I think it's an interesting design.

There are some other designs on the market where drive combinations are working well, but I don't know of any others where SLC and MLC are being incorporated as 2 of a 3 tier model.

TLC wear rates may improve, but much more likely is that the cost of MLC will drop, capacities will increase and the density and power/heat characteristics will start to make this a preferred option over a 3 drive type model. We're years off this, though, I should think.

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