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Because it means Apple gets to decide which capabilities gain traction, not the market or the users?

That at least, isn't Apple's fault. You can't blame Apple for the Carriers being utterly shit. They were shit way before Apple got into the mobile industry. Whatever you may think about Apple as a company (and boy can they be annoying sometimes), there's a good argument to say they only succeeded with the iPhone because they ignored the Carriers, and listened to the customers. While the other phone manufacturers made ever more concessions to get their few dollars of feature support per handset. 50p for WAP, another £1 if there's a hard-coded button that launches our WAP (spit!) portal, £2 for a send MMS button in the photo program etc. If the carriers had really known their customers they'd have invented FAP and paid for special buttons for it...

Samsung have the same power as Apple. If they wanted a feature allowed, they could threaten to boycott the network that refused to play ball. They'd arguably do more damage than Apple if they did.

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