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"Seriously, who ever used NFC payments other than Oyster Card holders,"

Those ;poor sods who waved their wallets at the barriers yesterday -- and got thier credit cards charged for the priviledge as well as the Oyster card?

I don't think I will ever use a credit card. The benefit of an Oyster card is that you can store it separately from your wallet, so tagging in doesn't show how fat your wallet is and which pocket needs to be sliced to get to it. Secondly because of exactly what you indicated.

This then gets me to the same reason I won't use an NFC mobile to pay - it shows I have a mobile worth stealing, and by using it to pay I indicate it's even more worth than just the phone. Add to that the fact that its shiny surface will have enough of my fingerprints on to reproduce one with whatever method is current ("gummi finger" approach, for instance) and it just doesn't strike me as a good idea. Using fingerprint logins is only a good idea if the rest of the device is sufficiently covered with oleophobic coating to remove any "help", and that hasn't really worked so far on the iPhone.

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