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One sixth of the ENTIRE PLANET will buy a new smartphone this year

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Incidentally, I guess the greatest uptake for those new mobiles will be the developing-country middle classes, most or many of whom will be city dwellers. And yes, they will google or baidong medical advice (or partnership advice or other advice), but being for the most part young(ish) people they will also text like Western folk do, and use their phones for relationship building.

The often-cited image of the African farmer checking seed prices on her mobe is I think a bit skewed, as she may do it once in a while but certainly not often enough to justify even a 100$ investment; and she will just possibly have invested some 10$ previously into a transistor radio that has as good a weather forecast as is available (or go and ask the neighbour who has one). I can rather picture the same farmer keeping occasional contact with the kids who try to make a living in town. Don't expect people in developing countries to use technology much more sensibly than we do, though.

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