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Can't wait to see COBOL syntax highlighting in KDE's Kate text editor

just joking, I use OpenSUSE at home and is a very nice and good product and I wish SUSE the best in keeping it running. I would not hesitate considering the enterprise server for deployment on a corporate environment if the cost/benefit analysis fits in.

Not the least interested in COBOL, but I can see some potential in marrying the mainframe terminal emulator with Linux. Here is a truly, really interesting, way of Linux finally gaining some traction on the corporate desktop, even if it is only initially deployed as a cheap terminal emulator. It is just a matter of time before they realize that their dirt cheap PCs used to access the mainframe can replace almost every other function they use Windows for. Alas, it would be just the opposite of what happens with Windows dumb terminals: they are really little PCs that just run the remote desktop client, but you can't use them for anything else because they can't barely run the embedded Windows copy and the remote desktop client.

Just joking again, that won't happen, mainframe customers are almost by definition conservative technology wise and not likely to be the sources of such "radical" innovations.

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